Planning for Success

Proactive business management and planning are necessary for success in today's dynamic marketplace. Since 1981, Chek Tan and Company has provided accounting and business management services to address the individual needs of both companies and individuals. Our clients span a wide variety of fields and range in size from sole proprietorships to large corporations.

Our Personnel

Chek Tan and Company staff is recruited from graduates of local and overseas universities and some have prior working experience. The firm contributes to a professional development program for all staff. The firm also requires total confidentiality by staff regarding client information. Each engagement will be under the supervision and control of Chek Tan.

Our Advantages

This firm is structured on simple lines that allow it to provide the best service to our clients. Because we are a local firm that is well organized and efficient, we can offer the following advantages.

  • Quick response time and decision making process that will not hinder the engagement.
  • Utilize as much as possible the same personnel who have performed the audit before, thus minimizing the start-up time as much as possible as well as keeping the time the clients have to spend with the firm to a minimum.
  • Personnel selected, to the extent possible, will have both directly related and similar type experience and work on the project to assure that all objectives expressed are fully and effectively addressed.
  • This structure also enhances our productivity to meet the pressing needs to every client.

Contact Us

Chek Tan and Company, LLP
A Certified Public Accounting Firm
309 4th Avenue, Suite 300
San Francisco, Ca 94118

Tel: 415.673.8573



Fax: 415.673.0883




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