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Chek Tan and Company, a Certified Public Accounting firm, employs staff highly skilled in the areas of auditing, accounting, and taxation. The staff has serviced both private businesses and public agencies at the city, state and national levels and have consistently satisfied their needs. Thus, the hallmark of the firm is affirmed on proficiency and professional integrity. These qualities lend a high degree of professionalism to clients we serve and best augment our effectiveness as viable thriving organizations.

Due to accelerating technology, rapid social and economic changes and the increasing complexity of financial operations, Chek Tan and Company believes that tight administrative and financial controls have become the key not only to success but survival. Therefore, the success of business enterprise, government units, universities and other institutions depends on the implementation of these controls. With years of experience in accounting systems design, auditing and management consulting, Chek Tan and Company can provide the clients with objective analysis and prompt solutions that will lead to organizational growth by maximizing accounting and management controls.

Chek Tan and Company can declare that the firm is able and willing to commit and maintain staffing to ensure that each engagement can be successfully completed. They have been committed to this concept since founding the firm 30 years ago.

About Chek F. Tan

Mr. Tan has over thirty years in public accounting and has had extensive experience in auditing entities of every type and size. Mr. Tan obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of San Francisco and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants, and California Board of Accountancy.

Education and Quality

In order to keep pace with the continuing changes in the tax laws and other regulatory agencies guidelines, and the use of new techniques and accounting tools, Chek Tan and Company staff is required to participate in continuing education programs. By subscribing to these practices, Chek Tan and Company can provide a high degree of efficiency and services equivalent to those offered from national accounting firms.

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